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Lukas Podolski signing might rejuvenate the Gunners

The Gunners have finally made a big name signing. The name Lukas Podolski won’t be treated with the same respect that is usually given to Iniesta, Robben, Robinho or David Silva, but this is one person who can surely turn the current Arsenal side into a cup winning outfit.

Now lets move on to the reasons as to why Podolski might be successful for the North London side.

1. Podolski can play in different positions; left winger for the Die NationalMannschaft and a striker for FC Koln.

2. Arsenal have been lacking a left winger for too long. This season they snapped up Gervinho but it looks like he is another injury prone player. In that case Podolski can offer a lot from the left side of the field.

3. Podolski has proven himself as a selfless player for his national side, combining well with the likes of Gomez, Klose and Mueller. That is a characteristic that suits well for the Gunners.

4. Arsenal for long has been lacking an attacker who can send in long range power-packed shots towards goal. This void could finally be filled in. Arsenal’s passing game cannot win matches against defensive sides with well-built players, say for instance Stoke City. On such days, someone who can score long range goals can change the fate of the game.

5.Lastly, there can be no doubt regarding Podolski’s quick settlement within the Arsenal side and their type of game play. Deutschland’s style of play developed under the reins of Jürgen Klinsmann Klinsmann and Joachim Löw is more or less similar to the Arsenal style put forth by Arsene Wenger. Klinsmann pleaded with the teams of the Bundesliga to embrace the style he developed for the national side, to bring about a revolution in the way players from Germany play the game. This is the reason that made “le Professeur” term the Bundesliga as the ‘League of the Future’.

Finally, Gunners fans have been unlucky in terms of silverware, with several close misses for the past 6 years. Lets hope Lukas Podolski brings in loads of skill and luck to change the tide.

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