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The Legend of Ryan Giggs

When the fascinating subject of the world’s greatest footballer’s is discussed, often the first names that come to mind are Messi, Ronaldo, Maradona, Pele and others. However, one man who is truly adored and has become a true inspiration for all football obsessives around the world is the Manchester United phenomenon and legend, Ryan Giggs.

The star made his league debut in 1991 at the early age of seventeen. He opened the gateway for talented youth players to rise into United’s first team. Now, at the mature age of thirty-nine, Giggs is amongst the most successful and triumphant player’s ever. Statistically, Giggs’ record is truly outstanding. The welsh wizard has made the most appearances of any Manchester United player ever, surpassing Sir Bobby Charlton and other United heroes. He has won 12 Premier League Titles with Manchester United and it looks as though a thirteenth is coming his way. These statistics help to represent his pure brilliance.

As well as being an icon for fans and younger players, Ryan Giggs appears as an excellent mentor for those he plays with. During his time at Old Trafford, many acclaimed footballers have had the honor of training, performing and winning with him. Player’s such as Eric Cantona, Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Cristiano Ronaldo have all teamed up with Giggs to reach success in past years. Giggs has also been part of some of the most intense, nerve wrecking but magical footballing events to ever occur. He was part of the sensational treble winning United Squad in the 1998/99 campaign playing in the unforgettable European Cup Final against Bayern Munich. He also won the award for goal of the season that year for his remarkable individual effort against rivals Arsenal in the F.A Cup Semi Final. During the slow and rainy penalty shootout against Chelsea in the 2008 European Cup Final, Giggs was amongst the successful penalty takers. That victorious appearance in Moscow was the one that allowed him to surpass Sir Bobby Charlton.

Coaching him in his first ever game up until now, Sir Alex has worked with Giggs his entire career. Sir Alex Ferguson has been a key figure in improving Giggs’ ability. He has had the distinct pleasure of raising the star. Clearly, Sir Alex Ferguson has done an exquisite job.

Ryan Giggs began his career as an eye-catching, intelligent and truly first-class footballer. Now, twenty-two years into that brilliant and everlasting career, Giggs is still the game changing and effective player he was then. If you were to create a dream Manchester United squad, Ryan Giggs would no doubt be included.

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One Response to “The Legend of Ryan Giggs”

  1. gledis
    April 15, 2013 at 12:12 am #

    Not only a dream Manchester United team but also an all around football dream team, Ryan Giggs deserves a place. Agreed with your analysis. Still playing at the highest levels, Giggs has reached the ranks of Paolo Maldini. Not to mention that Giggs runs more up and down the filed than Paolo did at 39. Giggs is a class player!