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A Respectful Response From United’s Noisy Neighbors

In a superb 3-0 victory against Aston Villa, Manchester United confirmed their twentieth league title. Three fantastic goals from dutch genius Robin Van Persie including one Sir Alex called ‘the goal of the century’ helped United on their way to completing another phenomenal season. The reason Manchester United had the opportunity to win the title so early was because of a determined and truly marvelous Tottenham Hotspur side. The day before United’s glory was guaranteed, Spurs came from behind with three stunning goals to beat an outplayed Manchester City side. If Manchester City had won, the race for the title would have continued.

All eyes were on Manchester City manager, Robert Mancini after United snatched his teams title. Through out this remarkable season, Mancini has claimed the league statistics don’t tell the full story. He believes his team are a better team and that his team lost many matches they didn’t deserve to lose. However, when interviewed after United were officially champions, Mancini was very respectful in saying they deserved to win the title. A reverent response from an excellent manager.

The Manchester rivalry has become much more competitive since City have risen to the top. Now, whenever the two teams play, everybody is prepared for top-notch footballing drama. Mancini guided Manchester City to their first title in 42 years. Unfortunately for him and his squad, there was nothing they could do about a simply breathtaking Manchester United side. Robin Van Persie has done it again. Let’s see how Manchester City respond next season. Sir Alex Ferguson will no doubt make revenge very difficult.

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